Team Captains’ Toolkit

Thanks for volunteering as Team Captain! We are excited to get your office walking, and have brought together a few tools and resources to help you keep your colleagues motivated and engaged throughout the length of the challenge, and make your job a little easier.

In your toolkit you’ll find six Walker of the Week buttons, to give out to the top walker in your team each week. Everyone is responsible for tracking their own points each Friday using our online Tracking Form, making the captain’s job a little easier. We will recognize the previous week’s top walkers every Thursday before the Walk with Charles, beginning at 12:15, so be sure you and your team arrive early! We will be raffling off two prizes each week, one from the Walkers of the Week, and another random drawing from Challenge participants who are walking with us that day.

You’ll also find Walking Meeting in Progress buttons for your office to wear. Buttons signal that you’re working and help reduce interruptions and obstructions while you are out walking and talking. As Team Captain, we encourage you to remind supervisors and managers in your department of this option, both during the Walking Challenge and throughout the year. (Need convincing? Watch this five minute TED Talk on the benefits of walking meetings) You can give buttons out at the beginning of the Challenge along with the shoe wallets to get your colleagues geared up, or at your first walking meeting. Remember, each team member who walks gets points plus, your team gets bonus points for walking as a group and for taking your meeting outdoors. With such a high point value, walking meetings could pave your way to the gold!

Motivation & Invitations

Your primary role as team captain is to keep your office mates walking! We suggest coordinating group walks at least once a week so that even if your team members aren’t out walking on their own, your team can still rack up some points.

Feeling proactive? Schedule group walks ahead of time and invite your office using Google Calendar. You can even create a calendar just for the challenge and share it with your office, or even other team leaders! Get help using Google Calendar here.

If your department doesn’t use Calendar regularly (and even if the do), you may prefer to invite your co-workers on walks using good old fashioned email. We’ve provided some templates to make your life a little easier, just copy & paste the text into an email, fill in the blanks and send!

No matter how you choose to invite your coworkers to join in, we suggest that you also engage others face-to-face. Whenever you’re heading out for a walk, take a warm-up lap around the office first. Stick your head in cubicles, tap on office doors and ask if they’d like to join you. Sometimes all it takes is a smiling face.

Once the challenge gets going, you may need to do a little extra nudging to get people out the door. We will be giving out prizes weekly at the Walk with Charles, but you may want to provide a little extra motivation if your team needs a boost. Maybe a sweetgreen gift card for the Walker of the Week, or a 1-week pass to Yoga District for the walker who can get the most colleagues to join in, perhaps even a Friday popsicle party for anyone who snags bonus points using social media. Think creatively! You can send out a teaser email to give them something to compete for, or make it a surprise and keep them guessing as to what’s coming next!


As mentioned above, we’ve taken a different approach to tracking this year so that we can allow everyone to compete as an individual and as part of a team if they choose. As opposed to previous years when Team Captains tracked the walks of their entire team, in 2013 each person will track their walking distance individually, every week.

As Captain, it’s your job to make sure your team has tracked their walks for the week by the end of the day each Friday. Setting up automatic calendar reminders for your office to track their walks is highly recommended, but you can use email as well (we’ve even created a template for you).

We’ll pull your team’s data and send it to you each Monday, so you can crown your Walker of the Week. Feel free to share the information with your team as you like. Consider getting crafty and making a tracking chart or leaderboard for individuals in your office to post in a common area. You’ll be surprised to find who’s been hiding their competitive streak.

Google Group

Each Captain has been invited to a Google Group, designed for you to discuss your challenges, successes, tips and tricks with other Captains throughout the Walking Challenge. It’s a great place to bounce ideas off each other and get tips for motivating your team! Didn’t get an invite? Just drop us a line at