Walking Routes

Click Here for Walking Challenge RoutesGUWellness has created some route maps for the Main Campus/Med Center, Law Center and Wisconsin Avenue locations, available here. These routes are just suggestions, feel free to create your own or meander through the neighborhood, just remember to record that mileage.

A few pointers for using this map:

  • You can select which campus’routes to display by using the check boxes on the right.
  • Hover over a route on the map or in the sidebar to see its path highlighted, distance, estimated time and other information
  • Use the Arrow button in the lower left corner of the route’s pop up box to get turn by turn directions from Google maps (just be sure to select the walking icon in the new window, you can go places your car can’t!).
  • Click the data button under each map layer for a quick reference chart that shows the distance and estimated time for each route.

Have a route of your own that you’d like to share? Create a map of your route using Google Maps and send us the link, we will add your route to our map and the tracking form. Not sure where to start? Check out this quick how-to video from Google.

Apps for Tracking Walks & Distance

Map My Walk App
Free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry
MapMyWalk tracks your walking route and distance via GPS, doing all of the hard work for you! It even monitors duration, pace, elevation and calories burned. Those who loved the  MapMyRun web tool we’ve used in previous challenges, and for the GUWellness 5K may prefer this over other apps, due to its simple interface and usability, similar to the site.

iFit App
$1.99 for iPhone
Fitness junkie, but not so much of an “outdoorsy” type? The iFit app tracks your Walking Challenge routes by distance, pace, and elevation, recording that data so it can replicate your workout on any iFit ready exercise machine. Perfect for those 90+ days!

Nike+ App
Free for iPhone and Android
You no longer need a special chip in your shoe to utilize all of  Nike+’s great features. Track your walks via GPS, and pop in your headphones to get some gentle encouragement while you walk, even share your stats with friends.

Other Resources

Download a flier to forward to your colleagues and help spread the word!

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