Walking Challenge

PLEASE NOTE: The 2013 Walking Challenge has concluded. Feel free to browse the details and see how we’ve run things in the past. Click here to read about our 2014 Wellness Explorers Challenge!

We’re kicking off the challenge a bit early this year to try to beat the heat! The Challenge began with a kick-off event on Monday, May 20, and runs through the end of June. Haven’t signed up yet? Never fear, you can join at any point throughout the challenge!

Walking-Challenge_Register-WEbletThis year team leaders will receive packets full of fun, motivating tools and accessories for all of your team members. We will also be checking in with our leader board every Thursday, where before the Walk With Charles, top individuals, teams, and walkers of the week will be recognized, and prizes will be awarded- yes, that’s every week! Each week we will also raffle off a prize among our Walk With Charles participants, so be there or be square.

Be sure to check in here each week to see who’s in the lead and what your colleagues and competitors are doing to get in those extra steps and bonus points.

So, what’s the deal?

As it was last year, the focus of this year’s Walking Challenge is on integrating walking more throughout your work day. We want you to walk with colleagues, take meeting on the move, and get out from behind your desk at lunch. Notice the small, simple opportunities to be more active during your routine, such as taking the stairs to a meeting rather than taking the elevator, if you can. We also are really encouraging the social side of the challenge. Bonus points will be awarded for your efforts to get moving with others.

Get signed up!

Register to participate (as an individual and as part of a team) HERE. You must have a minimum of three team members to participate.

Designate a Team Captain

If you are creating a team, please let us know who will be the team captain. For this year’s walking challenge, the person in this role serves primarily as cheerleader/motivator/reminder. Each individual will still track their results online.


Each week, you will need to track your miles walked during the workday and bonus points using the GUWellness Walking Challenge Tracking Form. One mile = 1 point. Points will be rewarded for any distance walked that is over .5 miles.

REMINDER: Only walks that are part of your workday should be counted (including your commute).

Bonus Points

You and your team are able to rack up bonus points for the following:

·         Participation in the Walk With Charles (4 bonus points per individual)

·         Participation in other GUWellness activities (2 bonus points per individual)

·         Social Media Interaction (2 bonus points per interaction- photos, videos, etc.)

·         Walking Meetings (3 bonus points per individual)

·         GUWellness Walking Challenge Kick-Off on Monday, May 20 (4 bonus points per individual)

·         GUWellness Walk of the Week (2 bonus points per individual)

We will use these individual results to reward our weekly top individual walkers and our team Walkers of the Week. Individual results will then be compiled and multiplied by the percent of team members who tracked their participation for that week (For example, in a team of 4, if 3 people submitted the tracking form that week, their total miles would be multiplied by .75) to determine team rankings for that week. With this in mind, it’s important that everyone on your team submit their results each week. Remember, small walks add up to big miles.

GUWellness suggested routes can be found HERE. We recommend you submit your own routes to be added to the map and tracking form- let us know where you’re walking!

Stay In Touch

Each week GUWellness will send out a brief email with updates on the top team and individual walkers, and each team’s Walker of the Week. We will also be posting this information on the GUWellness Blog, so be sure to check in there as well! Also, make sure you’re connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and to see what your friends and colleagues are up to throughout the challenge.

Speaking of being social, this is where it’s at. We’ll be meeting a bit early for the Walk With Charles during the GUWellness Walking Challenge. Come out at 12:15 to find out who’s on top- Top Individual Walkers, Walkers of the Week, and Top Teams. Prizes WILL be awarded, but only to those who are there. We will also be awarding a weekly prize to an individual from among those in attendance, so even if your total miles are lacking, your participation here counts! Also, the Walk With Charles is our highest point BONUS OPPORTUNITY!

Spread the word!

Download and print a flier for your office, kitchen, cube, anywhere you like!


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