Mind-Body Connections


Want to go about your day feeling grounded, less stressed, and more connected to what matters most in your life?  This series of mindfulness-based, compassion-focused workshops is designed to inspire, recharge, and provide you with practical tools you can use in your everyday living and working for a greater sense of well-being.

Over the years, Mind-Body Connections has become a monthly touchstone for many in our GU community. Our workshops are at time of pausing in our busy day to gather and be nourished.   Throughout the years together, we have been about deepening insights and learning practices based on the latest research as well as ancient teachings in mindfulness and compassion that inform, nourish, heal, and inspire us at home and work.  Together we are creating a more compassionate workplace and world.

Mind-Body Connections 2016 – 2017

GUWellness Theme for 2016-2017: Play and Connection

This year, our GUWellness theme is all about Play and Connection!  We’ll be weaving these themes into all our offerings.

Get ready for a new monthly line-up of Mind-Body Connections (MBC) workshops that support play, creativity, lightening up, and deepening your connections for a mindful and compassionate life.

Make MBC a Monthly Touchstone.

Consider joining MBC for the whole year.  Mark your calendar now and let this gathering be a monthly touchstone that supports, nourishes, and inspires you.  We meet the second Wednesday of each month (except for MARCH and MAY) from 2 – 3:15 pm

Note: New Time and Location!!!

This year, we are thrilled to be in the John Main Center/ Remembrance Hall. (formerly John Main Meditation Center) – Library Walk, Across from New South & Gervase Halls, Washington, DC 20007

Click here for the map.

It’s a beautiful meditation space and we are grateful to hold our Mind-Body Connections workshops here.

NEW TIME: We will meet this year from 2 – 3:15 pm.

Here’s What to Expect:

Each MBC workshop is educational and experiential.  We begin by exploring the monthly topic, engage in a meditation related to the topic, and offer practices to take back into our lives at home and work.

REGISTER TODAY! (Click on the workshop for each registration page).

September 14: Soul Play: Setting Intentions that are Practical and Soulful

You have a busy schedule. There are hundreds of distractions in your day. We can all get lost in tending to these distractions and lose our focus on what matters most to us.   We can end up spending most of our time in our heads, forgetting about the soul/heart.  Setting an intention focuses our minds, souls/hearts, and energy. It directs our actions and behaviors. Start off the journey of this new year with a focused intention.   Create the space to pause, turn inward, and be guided in a practice for setting an intention for this new school year that is both practical (realistic) and soulful. This intention will be your touchstone throughout the day and your roadmap for guiding your decisions, maintaining your focus, and bringing play and connection into your everyday life.  Register here.


October 12:  Focused on Connection

This month, we will bring attention to our connections – with our own selves and our dear ones.  We’ll explore things like “radical regard” and “mindful appreciation” as ways of attuning our attention, hearts and eyes in a skillful way that nourishes and deepens our relationships. Register here.


November 9: Gratitude and Mindful Eating

This month, we explore a way of nourishing our body, mind and soul by slowing down for gratitude and mindful eating. Many of us are rushing when we eat and eating mindlessly. Because we eat several times a day, our relationship to food is important. We will talk about the nourishing power of slowing down for gratitude and eating.  We will engage in mindful and compassionate practices for healthy ways of relating to food, relationships, and healing. Register here.


December 14: Forgiveness

Over the years, we have found that our MBC community appreciates holding space at this time of year for practicing forgiveness for ourselves and others.  Forgiveness cleanses and creates spaciousness.  Come for a gentle practice, beginning with self-forgiveness.  Explore the power of turning inward with mindful attention and compassion.  Forgiveness supports a sense of lightness, opens our sense of creativity, cleanses the nervous system, and supports us in deepening our connections with our dear ones.  Notice the sense of spaciousness that arises, preparing you to go into this holiday season with a clearer, more open heart.  Register here.


January 11:  The Wisdom of Resting: Creating Your Own At-home Retreat

January is a perfect time for honoring the season of “going within” and “going on retreat.” We don’t have to get out of town to drop into stillness and nourish ourselves with silence, slowing down, and reflection. Take time-out to create an at-home retreat that can nourish and replenish you. In this workshop, we’ll explore simple ways of creating your own at-home retreat that you can do throughout the month that will nourish your body, creativity, and sense of play and connection to who and what matters most in your life.  Register here.


February 8: Loving-kindness: Love in Action

This month, we’ll focus on deepening our sense of compassion for ourselves and others through lovingkindness meditation.  We will also explore taking action to lead a more compassionate life in our everyday decisions, relationships, and loving. We’ll balance both ‘being’ and ‘doing’, contemplating and taking action.  This month, we’ll also journey together for a month-long, campus-wide GUWellness Kindness Challenge!  Stay tuned for details.  Register here.


March 15:  The Invitation of Spring: Cleaning Out the Clutter in Our Space and Our Lives

*NOTE: change in date!  (THIRD Wednesday in March).  Spring is an opportunity to open the windows, let in fresh air, and clean out the clutter that might have accumulated during winter.  Not only do we do this in our homes but we do this in our inner landscape!  This month, we’ll explore mindful and compassionate ways to declutter our inner and outer worlds and create more spaciousness for creativity, appreciation, play and connection to thrive.  Register here.


April 13: Beyond Stress Reduction:  Learning to Nourish Your Nervous System

Meeting all the deadlines of the end-of-the-year and wrapping up the year can leave you feeling hurried and frazzled. Come learn and experience practices for supporting a healthy, calm nervous system.  This is about creating more ease in deeply healing ways that nourish and resource you in times of looming deadlines.  Come and be nourished.  Register here.


May 4:  Reflection and Fun

(*Note: this is the FIRST Wed. of May).  This month, we will reflect on your year in a way that is compassionate and insightful.  Informed by this reflection, we will then explore your intention for the summer months to bring a sense of fun, lightness, focus, and connection into your day.   (**NOTE: May workshop is the FIRST Wednesday of the month due to graduation).  Register here.



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