Mind-Body Connections


Want to go about your day feeling grounded, less stressed, and more connected to what matters most in your life?  This series of mindfulness-based, compassion-focused workshops is designed to inspire, recharge, and provide you with practical tools you can use in your everyday living and working for a greater sense of well-being.

Over the years, Mind-Body Connections has become a monthly touchstone for many in our GU community. Our workshops are at time of pausing in our busy day to gather and be nourished.   Throughout the years together, we have been about deepening insights and learning practices based on the latest research as well as ancient teachings in mindfulness and compassion that inform, nourish, heal, and inspire us at home and work.  Together we are creating a more compassionate workplace and world.

Mind-Body Connections 2017-2018


This year, our GUWellness theme is all Radical Kindness!  Our offerings will explore everyday ways we can transform our hearts, homes, and world.

Make MBC a Monthly Touchstone.

Consider joining MBC for the whole year.  Mark your calendar now and let this gathering be a monthly touchstone that supports, nourishes, and inspires you.

Note: CHANGE in Location and time:

We will meet at the HR/Benefits Service Center, 3700 O St NW Darnall Hall, M-31

NEW TIME: We will meet this year from 1 – 2:15 pm.

Here’s What to Expect:

Each MBC workshop is educational and experiential.  We begin by exploring the monthly topic, engage in a meditation related to the topic, and offer practices to take back into our lives at home and work.


MBC: 2017 – 2018

September 20, 2017: Radical Kindness

This month, we start the new academic year off with Radical Kindness!  Come for a mindful approach to exploring how we can extend kindness to ourselves and others in an often harsh, busy, and disconnected world.  Be inspired with kindness practices you can start using in your everyday life. (*Note: this is the THIRD Wednesday of Sept.)


October 11, 2017: Leading from Within

All of us have a spiritual calling.  This month, we focus on how to lead from the place of living out that spiritual calling and being devoted to what’s sacred to you.


November 8, 2017: Start with Regard: Practicing Compassionate Communication

Bring mindfulness and compassion into your interactions at work and home.  This workshop will focus on starting with regard – for yourself and others.  We’ll explore practices that serve you in relating to coworkers, family, and out in the world!


December 13, 2017: Risking Love and Practicing Radical Tenderness

“There is no intimacy without vulnerability.”  – Brene Brown.

“We need a Revolution of Tenderness.”  – Pope Francis

Risking love is to risk being vulnerable.  And tenderness is a radical approach to being in relationship – with ourselves and each other.  This month, we will explore love, intimacy, risk, vulnerability, and tenderness as the sacred invitation of our lifetime.


January 10, 2018: This Holy Ground: practices for awakening delight and discovering beauty in the everyday

Winter is the perfect season to bring our attention to delight and beauty in everyday life.  This month, we will explore practices for inclining the mind (and the senses) to “daily delight” and “tender beauty” that heal and nourish the soul.


February 14, 2018: Simple and Nourishing Practices for Cultivating Quiet in a Busy and Harsh World

In a world where many of are busy and distracted, February offers us an opportunity to cultivate quiet.  Doing so heals the harshness, softens over-tired nerves, and restores us on many levels.  Learn and experience skillful ways to cultivate quiet in your day.


March 14, 2018: Healthy Boundaries = Healthy You

As we enter into spring, reassess your commitments.  Learn practices for having healthy boundaries.  We’ll be talking limits, keys to healthy relationships, and taking responsibility for your own wellbeing.


April 11, 2018: A Liberated Heart: everyday practices for finding freedom in our lives

This month, we explore this notion of a “liberated heart” and how we can discover and embody freedom in our everyday lives through mindfulness and compassion practices that we can weave into our day.


May 9, 2018: Communities of Kindness: practices for transforming our hearts, homes, and world

Let’s start dreaming of what it would be like and what it takes to continue to construct “communities of kindness” that can heal and transform our hearts, homes, workplaces, and world.





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The Power of Setting an Intention

Yoga Movements at your Desk

Focused on What Matters: How to Prime the Mind to Focus

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Focused on Relationships

Walking Meditation

The Wisdom of Resting: Creating Your Own At-home Retreat

Love in Action

Cleaning Out Clutter in Our Space and Our Lives

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

An Attitude of Gratitude

Grief, Frustration, and Rage: Mindfulness and Tough Emotions

A Time for Forgiveness

Create Your Own At-Home Retreat

New Years Rituals (not resolutions!) for Soulful Living

Mindful Listening

Mindful Eating

Compassion in Action for Yourself and Dear Ones

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Loving-kindness Meditation

Cultivating Sacred Space

Guided Imagery for Stress Reduction

Sound Sleep

Breathe Better

Seven Habits of Holistic Well-being

Setting up Your Nervous System for Success

Reclaiming Joy

Staying Focused and Nourished: The Power of Play and Delight