Mind-Body Connections


Want to go about your day feeling grounded, less stressed, and more connected to what matters most in your life?  This semester-long series of mindfulness-based, compassion-focused workshops is designed to inspire, recharge, and provide you with practical tools you can use in your everyday living and working for a greater sense of well-being.

Over the years, Mind-Body Connections has become a monthly touchstone for many in our GU community. Our workshops are a time of pausing in our busy day to gather and be nourished.   Throughout the years together, we have been about deepening insights and learning practices based on the latest research as well as ancient teachings in mindfulness and compassion that inform, nourish, heal, and inspire us at home and work.  Together we are creating a more compassionate workplace and world.

NEW format & semester-long experience! 
Experience the Mind-Body Connection!
2018 – 2019

NEW!  Two semester-long EXPERIENCES for you to make the Mind-Body Connection.

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From September through December, we will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for MBC Fall Semester.  And then from January through May, we will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for MBC Spring Semester.

MBC Fall 2018 Semester:  Is about YOU and your self-care and self-regard from a body-centered, experiential approach.  You will learn and experience mindfulness, compassionate, and somatic (body-centered) practices to deepen your own self-care and enhance your capacity to navigate daily stress and “take in the good.”

The most effective way to truly learn a skill, nourish your nervous system, and deepen your capacity to manage stress isn’t only to gather new information, but to also experience it. Our classes will be experiential in that your facilitator will guide you and your fellow classmates through a present-moment mindfulness, compassionate, and somatic practice in each class.  The semester will be about working with and nourishing your nervous system so you live, work, lead, and love with clarity and calm.

Practices will include: mindful body awareness, meditation, and somatic experiencing® exercises to deepen your nervous system’s capacity to manage stress and “take in the good.”

MBC Spring 2019 Semester:  Is about your relationship with others at home and work.  We will build upon what you experienced in MBC Fall Semester, and you will learn and experience mindfulness, compassionate, and somatic practices for your personal and professional relationships.   We’ll explore your role as a parent/caretaker, partner, colleague, and leader.  We’ll explore building mind-body skills for you to effectively interact, lead, and collaborate.

Practices will include:  present-parenting awareness, mindful leadership practices, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), and compassionate communication to support you in your various personal and professional roles.

The structure of our monthly classes will look like this:

Gathering meditation.

Introduction of the mind-body practice.

Reflection and discussion.

Guided experience/meditation.

Closing & inspired action for the month.


Between classes, we will continue to offer support to help you continue to make the Mind-Body Connection through audio meditations and reflections, videos, and written inspirations.

Taught by: Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP:  Somatic Experiencing® Psychotherapist, Personal & Professional Development Coach, and Author.


Come make the Mind-Body Connection!

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Location and time:

HR/Benefits Service Center, 3700 O St NW Darnall Hall, M-31

TIME: 1 – 2 pm.