2014 Financial Education Conference

The 2014 Financial Education Conference has concluded. Sign up here to receive updates about the 2015  Conference events as they are scheduled, and check out the Financial Wellness section of our site for more resources and events throughout the year.

Ready to start building your pot o’ gold?  Throughout the month of March GUWellness offers workshops, seminars and resources that give you the practical tools needed to take charge of your financial wellness. For 2014, we are expanding the scope of the conference to engage employees in financial education at all stages of life, not only so they are able to retire comfortably, but to help relieve the stress that comes along with juggling day-to-day finances and unexpected expenses.

The Highlights:

Workshops & Onsite Events
The NEW GUAdvantage
New Accident, Critical Illness & Legal Insurance Options
Live Near Your Work Homeownership Assistance Program
Online Financial Wellness Resources

Download a flier to post in your office & help us spread the word!

Click the image to download a PDF flier and help us spread the word! Hang it in the break room, on your fridge, even attach it to an email and share with friends.

Workshops & On-Site Events

Below is a calendar of this year’s on-campus events and live webinars. Click the title of each event to learn more and register. Don’t forget to keep checking back; new events are added to the calendar daily!

3/4: Inside Money: Managing Income & Debt (Couldn’t make it? This workshop is available online)
3/4: One-on-One Financial Consultations with Fidelity Investments
3/11: One-on-One Financial Consultations with TIAA-Cref
3/12: Sesiones Individuales Planificación Financiera con TIAA-Cref
3/12: Retirement Orientation
3/14 & 3/21: Retirewise
3/14: Planning for a Successful Retirement (Webinar)
3/16: One-on-One Financial Consultations with Vanguard
3/18: One-on-One Financial Consultations with Fidelity Investments
3/20: Estate Planning: Critical Considerations for Everyone
3/25: Live Near Your Work Program Information Session (Wisconsin Ave.)
3/26: Women & Money
3/26: Live Near Your Work Program Information Session (Law Center)
3/26: Reduce Debt & Get Ahead (Main Campus)
3/26: Reduce Debt & Get Ahead (Wisconsin Avenue)
3/27: Live Near Your Work Program Information Session
3/27: Planning with Pride: Estate Planning for the LGBT Community
3/28: Sesiones Individuales Planificación Financiera con TIAA-Cref
4/7: Start to Finish: The early career woman’s guide to financial wisdom
4/9: Retirement Orientation
4/10: Understanding Tuition Assistance Program Benefits

Online Financial Wellness Resources

Need to get on the right track with your finances but feel intimidated strolling into a workshop unprepared? Get your feet wet by exploring these basic financial wellness topics below and build your fiscal lexicon with the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Glossary of Financial Terms

Emergency Funds
Estate Planning

Featured online resources will be posted here and coming to your inbox throughout the month of March, so keep checking back!


Planning for a Successful Retirement (Live!)
Friday, March 14, 2014 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm
This live web meeting, presented by Vanguard, is designed for those who are still accumulating assets for retirement (10 years away or more from retirement). Using a case study as a guide, this session will cover how to estimate the appropriate amount to save for retirement, the benefits of participating in your employer sponsored retirement plans and IRA’s. Register online today!

Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for Your Ideal Retirement
 On-Demand Webinar, Register & Watch Online
No matter how old or young you are, or where you are in your career, your retirement begins when you start saving for it. Learn how to create an effective plan to maximize your retirement potential, understand the real benefit of time in regard to saving, and learn the essential features of retirement investments, in this webinar from TIAA-Cref

Inside Money: Managing Income & Debt
On-Demand Webinar, Register & Watch Online
In this crash course in finance, presented by TIAA-Cref, you’ll learn how to make money work for you, the importance of cash flow and how to use it, tips on saving and spending, differences between good debt and bad debt, and debt management strategies.

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