Creative Spark

This new workshop series is designed to help reduce stress, improve mental and physical health and provide an enhanced sense of well-being. Sound like something you could use in your life? If so, and if you are looking for a new path to greater wellness, we invite you to find inspiration in The Creative Spark.

Spark your path to Wellness

Spark your path to Wellness

Research shows that exercising your creativity muscles has a positive impact on your overall health and wellness. We invite you to try something new, stimulate your senses, explore artistic expression, laugh, challenge yourself and, perhaps most importantly, play for the sake of play. Who knows? Practicing creativity be the spark that ignites your wellness transformation.

GUWellness Director (and actor) Rachel Bridges invites you to explore the path to well-being through creativity. Each month will focus on a new creative activity (view the calendar for dates as they are scheduled). There will be videos, lively discussion, guest artists and, of course, opportunities to try new things and express yourself in new ways.


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