Optimal Health Journey

Charles & Doro’s Journeys

Doro Koch and Charles DeSantis are colleagues in wellness who want to share an inside look at their own personal health and wellness experiences. They’ll be posting regularly about challenges and successes they encounter, what they find inspirational, helpful tips and tools they come across, and their reflections along the way, all in advance of this year’s Achieving Optimal Health Conference on October 25.  To kick things off, they discuss their hopes for this blog, what being well means to them, and some challenges they’re aware of up front.

What are you hoping to accomplish through this “Journey to Achieving Optimal Health”?

I am excited to be sharing this journey with a dear friend and wellness colleague Doro Koch. I am hoping to create a road map that allows me to be in better control of my wellness either in my mind, body or soul. I am most excited to have a partner on this journey in Doro and am looking forward to sharing this experience and positive and challenging outcomes together as we grow.
First of all I am very excited to be walking this wellness journey with Charles.  It is always better to embark on a project like this with a “buddy” for encouragement and accountability.  My hope is that at the end of this, and along the way, I will feel better, look better and have greater peace of mind.  I believe that if our minds are healthy, a healthy body will follow.  I hope to find positive and productive ways to nourish myself, instead of falling into the destructive habits I sometimes find myself a slave to.  In fact as I write this, it’s National Donut Day. The only people that benefit from National Donut Day are the owners of the establishments that make them!  Having said that, I must admit that I have had thoughts today like, “I really should be patriotic and support the donut industry”.  It’s amazing what our minds can conjure up.

What challenges do you often/sometimes encounter on your wellness journey?

My biggest challenge is when I “fall off the wagon”. Sometimes I cannot even find the wagon let alone fall of it. It is often when I go to extremes that I have difficulty. Whether it be exercise, eating or meditating, I sometimes throw myself into it so fully that I sometimes over do it resulting in not doing it at all. Balance and a measured approach is hard for me.
My biggest challenge can be summed up in one word—SABOTAGE! I am the master of sabotage.  I can begin a program of healthy eating with gusto, and just when I’m beginning to feel good, I can throw it all away, faster than a speeding bullet.  It goes back to the mind, and the thoughts in the head that can talk us into just about anything!

What does being well look like/mean to you?

Being well means finding the joy in the present moment.  It means NOT obsessing about how I look or feel.  It means NOT obsessing about food.  It means seeing the beauty in the ordinary and feeling content with what is going on as it’s happening.  It means eating when I’m hungry, and putting the fork down when I’m full.  Being well includes a good nights sleep.

Having balance in my mind, body, soul approach to wellness. When I am eating well, finding a balance in exercise and taking time for myself through meditation and reflection. It feels good both internally and externally and I feel better when I can actually walk the talk I have so believed in for most of my adult life. I am good at this with others but not always good at it for myself.

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