Meet Lisa

This month, we have the honor of featuring Lisa McCrohan.  Lisa offers her consulting services to GU, facilitating the Mind-Body Connections monthly workshop series and advising GUWellness activities.  Lisa is a Somatic (body-centered), Compassion Coach, and author of her forthcoming book (May, 2017): Gems of Delight: seasonal inspirations for moms to heal the hurry and embrace what is sacred.

Lisa shares what wellness means to her and the hopes she has for our GU community.

What does wellness mean to you?

When I think of wellness, I think of it in a wholistic sense. Personal wellness includes the well-being of our minds, bodies, thoughts, emotions, spirit, and relationships.  When I’m sitting with a client, I’m exploring with him or her, “How nourished do you feel in each of these areas in your life?”  I also look at familial, communal, and global wellness.  How are our connections with one another – in our family, in our communities, and in our world?  Do we communicate with compassion?  Do we treat each other with regard?  I believe in the interconnectedness of us all.  And it begins with each one of us having compassion and regard for our own selves.  And then this ripples out into our homes, neighborhoods, and planet.

What wellness opportunities do you participate in at GU and are proud that GU offers?

I love facilitating the Mind-Body Connections monthly workshop.  I also love being a part of the GUWellness planning team to offer wellness programming that nourishes the whole person of our faculty and staff.  I am proud that GU offers such a depth and breadth of wellness opportunities that meet people “right where they are” – from financial wellness to physical wellness, from relational wellness to spiritual wellness.

What suggestion would you give to someone who wants to ”be well”?

Start with asking the question, “What delights my heart?”  And then, “What’s the next right step to take to follow what delights my heart?”

These two questions can help us to tap into our purpose, passion, and aliveness.  And then they focus us to just begin wherever we are, and take the next step.  

What do you envision the future of wellness to be on campus and in our world?

When I first applied for the Wellness Counselor position with FSAP and GUWellness, I said that I envisioned a campus of compassionate people – one where we model what kindness and regard look like in the workplace.  I imagine “compassionate leadership” becoming a way of life and an integral part of all leadership training.  I envision our world leaders bringing both mindfulness and compassion into negotiations, policies, and practices.  


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