Meet Mitos


This month, we have the honor of featuring Mitos Parabot.  Mitos is a staff member at Georgetown Law where she provides administrative support to the Associate Dean, J.D. Program, and Associate Dean, Research and Academic Programs. In addition, she is one of the facilitators in the Lawyers/Staff in Balance Program. She received a certificate in health coaching from Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies.


What does ”wellness” mean to you?

I believe that we are responsible for our own well-being through mindful awareness.  With the increasing cost of medical care, I feel that it is our responsibility to invest in ourselves to maintain good health.

With our personal and professional responsibilities, we are affected by stress internally and externally.  However, stress can be managed by being mindfully aware of our well-being – our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.  I feel it is important to have a routine to care for oneself, such as making time for quiet moments and doing activities that one finds enjoyable.  By caring for oneself first, we are then able to care for others.

What wellness opportunities do you participate in at GU and are proud that GU offers?

The wellness opportunities that I participate in at Georgetown Law are Lawyers/Staff in Balance program, Dean’s Challenge, and the Toastmasters Club. In addition, I am participating in the Creative Spark! book discussion offered by GU Wellness.

The Lawyers/Staff in Balance program is an eight-week voluntary program available to Law students/staff each semester, wherein mindfulness techniques are taught to aid in the management of stress. The Dean’s Challenge is a five-week program held in the spring semester to assist with developing healthy behaviors through individual choice of activities and various presentations. A year ago, the Law Center started the Toastmasters Club opened to staff to learn public speaking skills.

What suggestion would you give to someone who wants to ”be well”?

The suggestion I would give someone who wants to “be well” is for them to define what “being well” means to them, identify the activities they enjoy doing, and how they would implement it. Some ideas are to have a morning routine, make time for quiet time and physical activity, read books and listen to podcasts that interest them, and to journal as a means of self­ reflection.

What do you envision the future of wellness to be on campus and in our world?

One of the core values of Georgetown University is “cura personalis” or “care of the other person.”  As members of Georgetown community, we have the responsibility to care for our own­ self and for each other to help make this world a better place to live.  As an educational institution, may it continue to create programs to educate the most deserving in our local, national, and international communities as everyone is entitled to the best life they can have.


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