The practice of setting a soulful intention

Over the last few decades of teaching yoga, I begin each class with setting an intention. This is part of the yoga experience can often be easily overlooked. Why set an intention? What’s the big deal?

The practice of setting an intention invites us to pause in the midst of busy schedules.
To set an intention, we first must hit the pause button. We must bring ourselves into the present moment. Our nervous systems long for such a pause!

The practice of setting an intention invites us to bring “presence” into the present moment! Whether I’m teaching a yoga class or sitting with an individual client, when I lead us through setting an intention, we first come into the present moment through an embodiment practice of coming into our senses, getting grounded, and connecting to this very moment. Our nervous systems long for such a pause and for such simple yet nourishing connection. Pausing and coming into presence (and the present!), we automatically begin to soften taunt nerves and distracted minds.

The practice of setting an intention invites us to “listen within.” We can watch the layers of thought, emotions, and sensations in learning to skillfully be present. And from this place of watching and connecting, we can listen for what our bodies-minds-hearts need. And that becomes our intention.

The practice of setting an intention is an invitation to pause in our busy lives, bring presence to our present moment awareness, and listen within.

When we set an intention from such a mindful and compassionate posture, we touch a certain sacred clarity and wisdom within us. We can see past the layers of distractions and sense into the deeper need that our whole self needs in this very moment – or in this season of our lives.

This is a profound way to live. It is a way to base your life on what is most sacred to you. And we want to support you in leading your life in such a way – starting this moment and this season of your life.

In our workshops this fall, you’ll have the sacred space to practice skillfully pausing, connecting, and listening. In a world of hurry, worry, and busy, this is a welcomed space. It is a space where you renew your sense of clarity and focus. It is a sacred space where you reconnect to what is most important to you.

Mind-Body Connections: September, 14 at 2 pm (note: new time AND location). Soul Play: Setting Intentions that are Practical and Soulful. We will kick off the new academic year of MBC workshops with diving deeper into how to set an intention for this season of your life. We’ll engage in a meditation practice (no worries – no experience necessary) that will support a healthy nervous system for living out your intention.

Creative Spark, Book Club: Walking in this World, September 15 at 12:15 pm. Join us as we delve into this long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller The Artist’s Way. Author Julia Cameron presents the next step in her course of discovering and recovering the creative self. Whether you’ve read The Artist’s Way or not, you’re invited to join the journey and make new friends along the way.

Creative Spark, SoulCollage, September 21, 12:15 pm. Through the creative act of cutting out and pasting down pieces, usually of paper, SoulCollage® is a technique that allows access to one’s intuition to express and explore one’s self. The activity can nourish the soul as a sense of transformation happens when you take images apart and put them together.

2 Tuesdays Challenge: Starting September 13, be a part of a community of people focused on taking small steps to make change. We’ll talk about mindset, your dreams, and keeping accountable to your dream.

These are just a few of the wonderful programs we have planned in September that support you in setting an intention and living it.

This post was written by Lisa McCrohan, Wellness Workshop Facilitator, Somatic Psychotherapist, and Compassion Coach.

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