What I did this summer

Just like the students we serve here at Georgetown University, we are constantly growing and developing. It’s our journey as human beings. Our path. When we consider the many factors that propel us forward, science isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But, indeed, there is a science underlying the what, when, where and why that drives us – in our personal lives and in the work we do.

This past June, I spent a week at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center’s Summer Institute. I came away with a much greater appreciation of the science behind how we each engage and reach out to others; creating environments and orchestrating interactions. Perhaps some of you are always aware of the ways in which you interact with – and are perceived – by the world. Myself, I never really gave it too much thought – I just showed up. But how we show up makes all the difference. This week long institute gave me a glimpse into the importance of compassion, intention, understanding and deep listening. By fostering these qualities in ourselves, by challenging ourselves to learn and grown and “be better”, we set the stage for improved relationships, deeper connections and enhanced meaning for ourselves and those around us.

At its core, the work being done at the GGSC is meant to help us leverage our strengths, tap into inspiration, and develop those skills needed to build more positive, safe, caring environments in which we all thrive.

As I consider the Benefits, Payroll and Wellness function that I serve here at Georgetown, I’m compelled to consider how we can use these principles to deliver programs, services and provide meaningful engagement. It requires that we first understand how we listen, learn, communicate and react.

So, this is what I did this summer. It will help shape the future of how we serve, engage and listen to you. I share this to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our community and to serving you at the highest level.

Wishing you a great end to your summer as we approach the start of the 2016/2017 academic year. Be well.


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