How Mindful Listening Reconnects us


The other day, a person who reads my blog wrote to me and asked me what she should do. She was feeling exacerbated, tired, and out of ideas about a particular situation in her life. In between the lines of reading her story, I could hear the ache of her heart, body and spirit to rest. And I could sense how busy and crowded her life was. She wanted solutions and strategies for addressing (and eliminating) the stressor in her life.

At times, my heart aches when I read emails like this. I could list off solutions to more productive communication. But that’s not really what her soul was crying out for. Her soul was crying out to be heard and tended to. And the busyness was a way of drowning out the voice of her soul.

“Hurry” and “busy” are toxic to our nervous systems, our spirits, and our relationships. We live in a culture that prizes productivity. We work hard. We override our body’s innate wisdom to eat well, move our bodies, slow down and rest. When we live in a constant state of busy, we don’t tend to our relationships in ways that are deep and nourishing. When we are busy and in a hurry, we stop listening – to our hearts, our inner most being, each other and the pulse of the earth. And when we stop listening – we stop connecting. When we stop connecting, something within us withers.

Pausing and listening – to the sounds around us, to our own heartbeat, to the person in front of us talking, to our dreams and to the earth – restores connection. It is like giving water to our parched souls. We connect again – to what is sacred, what is true, and what is bigger than us yet includes us.

We live in a world of instant access to information. Every day, a number of people write to me and want solutions and strategies for their suffering. Often though we don’t want to hear that we don’t need “solutions” or more complex strategies from OUTSIDE ourselves. We need to reclaim the art of “Listening Within.” We don’t need more strategies, we need loving, attentive presence. We need to pause and cultivate our capacity to listen once again to our inner voice and the sacred in our everyday lives.

Next Wednesday, our Mind Body Community will gather to explore Mindful Listening – listening to the inner currents of our hearts and bodies, listening to our dear ones, and listening to the Sacred Pulse of Life. You can sign up here:

Please consider joining us. We live in a do-it-all-yourself-and-do-it-alone culture. And this is toxic. It goes against the essence of who we are. Join in community with like-hearted others for a reprieve and time of renewal.

The woman who wrote to me? I shared with her what I was hearing as I read and listened to her words and her longings. She responded and told me that, yes, she longed to pause and listen again to her own heart. She decided to cultivate a practice of pausing and connecting to her heart and the Sacred in her day.  I hope that all of us can learn to turn inward to listen to our own hearts and tune into the Sacred right here before us in everyday life.

This post was written by Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, RYT, Wellness Workshop Facilitator, Psychotherapist, and Compassion Coach.  You can find Lisa here.


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