Creating a DIY At-home Winter Retreat

cup of coffee

The holiday break is over. We are all getting back into work mode. The tendency might be to go back into old habits of hurrying and being busy. The “to do” list begins to grow longer. And by the end of the first week back, we can find ourselves feeling tired and needing yet another break.

The winter season lends itself beautifully to pausing, reflecting, resting, and nourishing ourselves. It’s an opportunity to “go within” in an intentional way. It’s an invitation to let the hustle and bustle of fall and the holiday settle while deeply caring for yourself.

Can you imagine what it would feel like come spring if you spent a good chunk of January and February “going within” and nourishing YOU? How much more energy and vitality would you have for engaging fully in the invitation of spring?

We recognize that many of us can’t take off two months of work to go away for a retreat in the mountains or at the beach. We acknowledge our reality that we have personal and professional responsibilities and obligations to tend to. But we CAN put simple, mindful practices in place to build our own DIY at-home winter retreat. We can go about these winter months in a different way than “on full tilt.” We can mindfully structure our days in such a way that when spring comes, we have rested, connected to what matters, and restored an inner sense of vitality.

Wednesday, January 13, our Mind-Body Connection community will meet up to explore and learn how to create a simple at-house winter retreat. We’ll talk about the Three Basic Elements of a DIY at-home retreat: time, space, and intention. I’ll give you resources for designing your own DIY retreat. Please join us – you can register here.

This post was written by Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, RYT, Wellness Workshop Facilitator, Psychotherapist, and Compassion Coach.  You can find Lisa here.

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