Walk America Challenge and Walk with Charles

walk americaDo you hear that? It’s the road calling your name. It’s saying, “Put on those walking shoes and enjoy fall. Join me. You’ll feel so great.” This fall provides ample opportunities to get inspired to walk.

The Walk America Challenge
Monday, Sept 21 – Sunday, Nov 15
Create or join a team. Track your steps and walk from coast to coast (virtually!).
Take Action!
* Register here!


Week Five Walk With Charles

Week Five Walk With Charles

If walking across America is too much for you to undertake – just come out and walk with Charles. Every Thursday!
Walk with Charles
Thursdays @ 12:30pm
Healy Circle
1 mile loop. No special walking attire required! Come as you are. Walk at your pace.


Taking a break, getting fresh air, moving your body — all contribute to enhanced creativity, focus, and positive mood.  It’s worth 15-30 minutes of your time every day to get up and move.

Two more tips:

  1.  Take a stretching break:  Work for 50 – 90 minutes, then take a five minute stretching break.
  2. Take a walking break: Take even a five minute walk outside every few hours.  Go up and down the stairs by your office or walk briskly.

You’ll go back to your work with a clearer mind, energy flowing, and feeling focused.

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