The Village People are the Choose to Move Champions

This 18-member team averaged 3671.44 minutes over the course of the six week challenge. That’s 61 hours and 12 minutes, or an average of 612 minutes moved by each team member each week! No wonder they are looking so strong and fit!

The Village People are: Pim Thukral, Naresh Mutala, Chris Patterson, Marjorie Boursiquot, Julie Cross, Keysha, Payton, IMG_2809 (1)Willem Roos, Sheila Thompson, Shelton Bellamy, Mary Schmiedel, Jon Hendrix, Moore Mbugua, LaKecia Miller, Caroline Kariemu-Brazell, Henry Stephens, Claudette Richardson, Linda Buckley and Geneva Thorne.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experience of the six-week challenge:

For me this journey was just more motivation to be consistent with my work out.  It became even more fun when my team mate Henry started challenging me.  I feel like I am on track now because I have even seen some weight loss and toning.  ~LaKecia Miller

I am always pushing myself to test my limit.  This challenge certainly pushed it a step further.  Many times, at the end of the long, hot, and humid days, when I would normally talk myself out of going to the gym, the guilt of not contributing to the team effort and not setting a good example (as the team captain) got me there.  It was so rewarding to see how the team members really got into the competitive spirit and challenged themselves to move.  We urged, cajoled, and sometimes used threat to keep each other going!  What a great experience! ~PimThukral

I had only been with Georgetown for just over 3 months (when the challenge began).  I am thankful that Pim, Wayne and Linda B. encouraged me to join!!! I am a 43 year old male, and…I used to work out regularly before…I essentially just stopped. I joined this competition and I realized, after a couple of days, just how long it had been.  I was TRULY really hurting all over from walking up small slopes for short periods of time.  The only major thing that I had to change for this competition is that I tried to go to the gym 3 times per week for an hour. In addition, I  started walking for leisure as much as possible at night and  including to lunch and back as well as other closer errands…they all started adding up! ~ Chris Patterson

However, the Village People were not the only fitness warriors.

Check this out – 

Second place team: Just Say No
This team’s 5 members averaged 3086 minutes per team member. That’s 15,429 total minutes (just shy of 11 days!!).

Third place team: University Registrar
This team’s 10 members averaged 2962 minutes per team member. That’s 29,624 total minutes (just shy of 21 days!!).

Congratulations to everyone!!

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