Tips from Venus: Get summer-ready with Spinning

Before my passion for weight/strength training completely took over, I was an avid spinhead~ So much so that my close friends still joke about me for getting very worked up if I forgot or missed signups for an upcoming class. Spinning is an amazing way to get your cardio going and also toning up those tough thighs and hamstrings. It’s also a perfect way to celebrate National Bike Month – without the pollen.

Get summer-ready with Spinning

With sundress and short season just about here, it’s time you think about jumping in to a spin class and getting that body summer ready! In her post on Claire Maldarelli breaks down for you the necessary deets to help you slay a spin class. You can also check out the Spinning classes available through Yates Field House. You will be DC festival- ready in no time.

You & Your First 5K! – Making it Happen!

It’s great to see so many Hoyas interested in getting moving! I’ve had a number of requests about running; more specifically running 5k’s. Although I do not personally run as much as I used to, I do appreciate the runner’s high!

Here is a simple plan from to help you bring it on your 5k this summer! Now get out there and get MOVING!

Two ingredients….so much YUM:
Sweet Potato Pancakes with Whipped Cream

Looking for something simple, sweet and satisfying? Check out this two ingredient recipe from one of my favorite go-to sites Enjoy!

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