7 Habits of Wholistic Wellness

I remember walking into my wholistic doctor’s office feeling pretty confident that I’d get a clean bill of health. I eat well, I exercise, I meditate, I bring mindfulness into my everyday life. “You aren’t drinking enough water,” she said.

“What do you mean? I always have my water bottle with me.” I said.

“Trust me. Add two more glasses of water to your day and tell me how you feel.” I left wondering if it’d really make a “big difference.” But I thought, “Well, why not try it?”

A few days later, I could feel the difference. How did I feel? Well…hydrated! I thought I knew what hydrated felt like. But this – this was truly “hydrated.” My joints felt cushioned, I had more energy, my skin looked more radiant, and I hadn’t had a headache. Now, years later, any day that I am not drinking enough water, I KNOW it. I feel it.

Welcome to Spring! After a long winter filled with snow and gray days, we are ready to feel alive, vibrant and ready to move! Spring calls us to purify – to shed those layers we’ve accumulated and drop any unhealthy habits we’ve built up over the sedentary winter.

This month’s Mind-Body Connections workshop is: The 7 Habits of Wholistic Wellbeing.

(*Note! I always use the word “wholistic” rather than “holistic.” Why? “Wholistic” comes from the word “whole”…as in “wholeness” – rather than “hole.” Get it?! And we want to be about WHOLENESS, right?!)
In our workshop, I’ll be sharing a list of seven habits that I have come up with over the years. They are so simple yet they are the vital foundation for true wellbeing and deep healing. “Simple” can often be overlooked as we search for complex answers to our complex problems. But there is wisdom in simplicity. Deep wisdom.

Let’s take one of the habits: drinking enough water for your body.

Want to have energy, drop the headache, have vibrant skin, and support your joints? Water helps. Most people will now say, “Oh yeah, I drink enough water” – like I did with my natropath. But when we bring mindfulness into how much water is right for us and we note how we feel, most of us will see that we need more water than we think! Just one or two glasses more – big deal, right?! HUGE deal! Try it and see!

This month, we are going back to the basics (some of the 7 habits might surprise you, but they’ll all resonate with you!). We are building those habits, detoxing from the unhealthy habits and paving the way for a glorious, radiant spring – inside and out.

So bring your water bottles, medication cushions provided (ok, well, our chairs!), and come out to our workshop. We’ll talk about these 7 habits and, as always, spend time in meditative reflection to support, nourish and resource you for a radiant spring.

Eventbrite - Mind-Body Connections: Seven Habits of Holistic Well-BeingRegister for “Seven Habits of Holistic Well-being.”

This post was written by Lisa A. McCrohan, MA, LICSW, RYT, Wellness Workshop Facilitator, Psychotherapist, Compassion Coach and Soulful Writer at Barefoot Barn.

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