Wellness @ Work: Meet Lisa

Lisa Davis, Chief Information Officer of Georgetown University

Lisa Davis, Chief Information Officer of Georgetown University

Meet Lisa Davis, Vice President for Information Services and Chief Information Officer here at Georgetown. Lisa has written for GUWellness before about her experience with heart surgery. In honor of National Heart Health Month, we sat down with her again to discuss how her life and her vision of wellness has changed.

Ask yourself, What daring, brave, adventurous, aspiring and inspiring dream can I behold? Make your intentions manifest this year. I am!

GUWellness: Has your idea of “wellness” changed over the last few years? If so, how?

Lisa Davis: Yes, my idea of “wellness” has changed since the surgery.  It is now my 2 year anniversary!  Wellness for me is now even more about balance in my personal and professional life. We can become so entrenched in our jobs and need to remember that what’s most important is our overall health and well being, and spending time with people who love us.  The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself. We can honor that by checking and resetting our priorities and finding alignment in what matters most to us. Making it a priority to take time for myself allows me to do this better. I am also more proactive with my health.  I was lucky that my condition was found.   I learned from  that lesson and stay on top of medical appointments and make a daily  appointment for “me” time.

GU: What are your “non-negotiables” in terms of your own well-being?

LD: My non-negotiables are having  “me” time and limiting time spent with people who only bring negative energy.

GU: How will you be celebrating National Heart Month?

LD: I will celebrate National Heart Month by acknowledging how blessed and grateful I am for all that I have in my life and continuing my wellness (mind, body, and spirit) routine!

GU: How do you model wellness for your colleagues and direct reports?

LD: I try to model wellness by encouraging my colleagues and team to lead a balanced life, to shoot for the stars and to remember what is most important. One of my favorite poems is by Marianne Williamson, which states “Our deepest fear in not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure!” 

GU: Who are your wellness role models?

LD: My wellness role models are the men and women every day, who have the courage and determination to live their truth, vision and dreams! We juggle so many things in our lives with family, kids’ schedules, school, aging parents, and careers. Ask yourself, “What daring, brave, adventurous, aspiring and inspiring dream can I behold?” Make your intentions manifest this year. I am!

GUWellness is interviewing employees about the ways they integrate well-being into their daily lives in our Wellness @ Work series. Want to talk about what wellness means to you? Drop us a line or leave a note in the comments.

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