Wellness @ Work: Meet Nicole

nicole_1Three months ago, Nicole Heydt was the picture of health.

She is today, too, but the 23 year old doesn’t take it for granted any more.

In September, Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery. This meant an abrupt halt to her planned commission in the U.S. Army and her initiation of graduate study in Health Systems Administration.

Today she is cancer free and focused on the future, but does she have a story to tell.

Two weeks ago she was the keynote speaker at the Relay for Life Rally at the Healy Family Center. Her message was simple and clear.

“Celebrate, remember and fight back,” said the Class of 2013 graduate from the College. “Rather than being frustrated by what I can’t do now, I focus on doing what I can.”

Her doctors have put a temporary stop to her normal rigorous running routine as she recovers, but the Army ROTC Executive Assistant now uses Fit Bands to remind her to be active and to measure her activity through walking, stair climbing and similar everyday activities. Nicole is keeping busy averaging 2,500 per day until she gets the medical okay to resume running.

“I try to stay active. Just not in the same way,” said Nicole, who plans to start working toward that masters degree in soon. “I mostly eat raw fruits, veggies, yogurt, oatmeal and protein, but this allows me to occasionally indulge in Korean food or burgers.”

If wellness is a mindset, it sounds like Nicole has never broken stride.

GUWellness is interviewing employees about the ways they integrate well-being into their daily lives in our Wellness @ Work series. Want to talk about what wellness means to you? Drop us a line or leave a note in the comments.

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