Create Your Own Vision Collage

This September we kicked off a new year of Creative Spark workshops, led by GUWellness Director Rachel Bridges, designed to inspire new paths to well-being through creativity. Register for November’s workshop here. 

A vision collage from September's Creative Spark class

A vision collage from September’s Creative Spark class

What’s a vision collage? A collection of images (words, photos, drawings) that support and inspire you in an area of your life, or achieving a goal, or just getting up out of bed in the morning! In this exercise, we invite you to consider your intentions of the Fall.


1. Take a few days to reflect on the following questions:

What’s important to you in the months ahead?
What are your core values?
What do you dream about doing?
Who is in your tribe?
What would you like more of in your life?

If you like, write these questions on a post-it note and put it in places where you can see it…just to keep the questions alive and percolating.

2. Pull together a small stack of old magazines. You’ll also need paper, glue or tape, and scissors.

3. Give yourself an hour. Do yourself the favor of finding a quiet spot. If you like, put on some favorite music!

4. Start looking through magazines to see what jumps out at you. If it speaks to you, just rip it out or cut it out. Make a pile.

5. Once you’ve gathered as many images as you feel you need or want, start playing around with placing them on the paper. Find an arrangement that feels right. Don’t over think it. Just glue!

Want to share it? Post it to the GUWellness Facebook page or Tweet it with #GUVisionCollage!

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