Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the Wellness Explorers Challenge this summer! There were over 250 participants and 20 teams.

Walking was the core component of the Wellness Explorers Challenge, specifically focusing on ways in which participants incorporate walking into their daily routine. 20% of participants walked as all or part of their commute and 17% of participants reported walking during their lunch break. 19% of responses indicated that participants were taking breathing and stretching breaks during their work day, which is encouraging to see. Five minute breaks away from your desk during the day reduce stress and increase alertness, they’re great for your back, and are linked to smaller waistlines. Take a look at these tips from the CDC about taking short breaks in simple ways, like standing up rather than sitting during phone calls.

Wellness Explorers were encouraged to change up their fitness routine and certainly took to that suggestion. Participants reported that they changed their diets- reduced meat intake, made smoothies, ate out less, ate more fruits and veggies, and cut out sodas. They also tried new workout routines by experimenting with new classes, new apps, and new exercise routes. There was a high turnout at the Walk With Charles every week, where leaders were announced and gift certificates and prizes were raffled off every week.

The challenge ended up being neck and neck, with our top teams and individuals varying from week to week. In the end, the winners of the Wellness Explorers Challenge were:

Top Individuals:

3rd Place: Tori Savage

2nd Place: Anthony Eames

1st Place: Lucia Cappelloni

Top Teams:

3rd Place: Happy Feet

2nd Place: Hungry Hungry Hippos

1st Place: The Ghost of UFSH

Congratulations to our winners and to all of the participants in the challenge, for incorporating wellness into your day.

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