Your Wellness Begins With You: A Guest Post by Jan Hice

The Wellness Explorers Challenge is all about encouraging us to try new things that can enhance our wellness. I invite you to consider trying Self-care. I define Self-care as a set of practices that nurtures and nourishes the total being- mind, body and soul.
Stress, worry and anxiety increase risk of illness and impair our life experience. If you have never been ill, you may not intuitively appreciate the impact of wellness and wellbeing on your life experience. Imagine not having the energy, vitality or peace of mind
to relish a summer day, go for a walk, play your favorite sport, complete your daily routines or enjoy your family and friends. Self-care keeps you well so you can thrive and enjoy your life.

As a former international sales executive, I worked long hours in a fast-paced industry in an emerging market. I had a blast but there was a downside. After several years, I experienced burnout, which I attribute to stress. As a result of my personal experience, I developed an even greater appreciation for wellness and well-being. I aim to fully enjoy my life and I need to be well to do so. Recognizing that the inner begets the outer, I focus on thriving from the inside out. I am a passionate advocate and practitioner of Self-care. Taking care of my mind, body and soul keeps me well.

If you’re interested to try Self-care, I offer 3 steps, which I’ve taken and share with my clients, that can help you get started today:

  1. First, commit to yourself. It’s imperative that we start with commitment. Knowledge is not enough. How many of us know what to do to take care of ourselves? How many of us are actively engaged in doing those things on a regular basis. Nothing advances without commitment. Are you willing to commit to yourself to take care of yourself- mind, body and soul- to the best of your ability? Do you believe that you’re worth it? You are!
  2. Secondly, listen up. One of the most basic components of Self-care is simply witnessing. Listen and pay attention to your body and your heart. These messages are our feelings and they provide valuable information. How are you feeling? When do you feel joy, pain, stress, sadness, anger, peace etc? Reserve time to tune into you. Notice what triggers your emotions. Adjust accordingly.
  3. Finally, choose consciously. Make choices about your life based on your values and your vision for the life you desire to have. Choices that honor your heart and your values eliminate inner conflict, stress and tension.

Congratulations, on trying something new! You’re off to a great start. Don’t stop now. Register today for “3 Simple Self Care Practices You Can Use NOW”, a Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, July 2nd. Earn points for the Wellness Explorers Challenge while learning 3 additional Self-care practices that you can integrate into your personal wellness program immediately. Be well!

Jan Hice-Smith is a GU alumna (B’92) and CEO/Founder of Heart’s Joy Consulting, LLC. She facilitates the learning and adoption of practices and tools that cultivate Selfawareness, authenticity, joy and well-being. She believes that knowing who you are and
how to connect to your heart’s joy is a path to wellness and well-being. Learn more about Jan and Heart’s Joy Consulting at

Cover Photo Credit: “Lost” by flickr user Paul Bica, used under creative commons license.

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