Tracking: Wellness Explorers Challenge

Have questions about the tracking system? Here are some helpful details.

You’ll track your participation on a weekly basis- for the purpose of the challenge, weeks run Thursday through Wednesday. Submit y
our tracking information Thursday by 10 am so that it can be included in our weekly leader board updates.

The first page of the tracking system asks for your Net ID, the week that you’re tracking for, and your team name. If your team isn’t listed, that’s probably because you registered after the tracking log was last updated- no problem, just email us at to have it added.

Eplorers Pg1


The second page of the tracking form is where we get down to business:

Here’s where you’re racking up points-

  • 25 Points for completing your Personal Health Profile
  • 10 Points for any GUWellness Program you participate in
  • An equivalent number of points for every cup of water/serving of fruits and veggies consumed
  • When you’re tracking your daily estimated distance:
    • 4 points for <2 miles
    • 8 points for 2 – 4.99 miles
    • 10 points for 5+ miles
  • 5 points for any wellness-related activity checked in the last question
  • 5 points for any social media interactions tagged #GUExplore

explorers pg2


explorers pg3

Have questions/suggestions? Let us know via email-

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