One-on-One Wellness Coaching

WellnessCoaching_1Health Advocate‘s Wellness Coaching program gives Georgetown’s active, benefits eligible employees (along with their spouse and dependent children over age 18) unlimited access to a Personal Wellness Coach. Your coach can help you set specific goals to get fit, lose weight or better manage a chronic condition and help you stay motivated!

Wellness Coaching has many features, designed to keep you engaged and on track including:

  • Unlimited Wellness Coaching via phone, email or instant message
  • Interactive team and individual competitions
  • Self-guided online tutorials for step-by-step support
  • Personal Health Profile (PHP) to help asses your health risks
  • Online progress trackers for weight, BMI, target heart rate and more
  • Discounted gym and magazine memberships
  • MedChoice Support to help you gage the pros and cons of medical options
  • Full and seamless integration with other Health Advocate features

Ready to take charge of your health and wellness? Give Health Advocate a call at 866-695-8622 or go online today!

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