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During the month of January every year, the number of new gym memberships rises, the fresh produce and lean protein sections of grocery stores are a bit more depleted than in other months, and more athletic attire and equipment is sold than in other months.  Everyone truly believes that THIS WILL BE THE YEAR that those extra few pounds are finally lost, that all those accumulated toxins will be cleansed, and that there really will be a focus on the elusive trifecta of mind/body/spirit health.Goat_Cheese_Wraps_2_SM_grande (1)

But then… real life intervenes.  Family, friends, work, and pets are all part of a full and happy life, but there often isn’t enough time to balance them all alongside your new wellness objective.  By the time February or March roll around, personal wellness goals have usually fallen by the wayside.

This is where DC-based food startup scratchDC comes in.  scratchDC provides a daily dinner kit delivery service complete with a great tasting recipe and all the fresh ingredients (local and organic when possible) you need to make that recipe.  The ingredients are measured, chopped, and packed into individual containers (no worries; those containers are biodegradable and eco-friendly!), and also include basics like oil and salt & pepper.  The result?  A delicious, fresh, and home cooked meal on the table in under 30 minutes.  Each dinner bundle feeds two adults very generously, and the leftovers can even make for an easy lunch the next day!  The meals vary in protein source, cuisine, and nutritional content, so you can make the right and best choices for your needs and tastes.

So what can you do with all that time saved by not having to wait in that long line at the grocery store or by not having to prep for dinner?  The possibilities are endless!  Get in that extra workout, take a walk with a friend, or spend it with a loved one.  With the help of scratchDC, 2014 really can be your year!

scratchDC will be on campus on Wednesday, January 29 to talk through the details. Come join us!


*** Guest Post by scratchDC***

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