Celebrate Gratitude Week: November 18-22

Image via Recitas de Minute. Click to view original.

Image via Recitas de Minute. Click to view original.

This November, we are all about being grateful! This week, we’re excited to offer two great workshops,  Creative Spark: What’s Your Story? and Mind-Body Connections: Attitude of Gratitude, to get you in the spirit of the season.

From Monday, November 18 through Friday, November 22, GUWellness will be highlighting different ways to express and embrace gratitude in our daily lives. Check out the rough calendar of events below, and make sure to follow us on Facebook ,  Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest for ideas, inspirations, stories and more.

Monday: Shout it out!
Share what you’re grateful for by use the hashtag #GUGratitude on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and Pinterest.

Tuesday: Spell it out!
Send a word of thanks or appreciation and make someone’s day.

Wednesday: Hug it out!
Nothing says gratitude like a big bear hug. Today, challenge yourself to give – at least one! –heartfelt hug to someone you appreciate.

 Thursday: Walk it out!
Join us today for the weekly Walk with Charles (Thursdays, 12:30, meet me in Healy Circle). Show your body you appreciate all it does for you by keeping it healthy and  experience the beauty of autumn in the city.  Tokens of gratitude will be distributed to all participants!

Friday: Let it out!
Release all that tension you’ve been collecting by joining the Free Yoga at Yates on Friday at Noon. Your body, mind and soul will be grateful you did.

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