Sneak Peek: Creative Spark

This fall, GUWellness will present a new series designed to help reduce stress, improve mental and physical health and provide an enhanced sense of well-being. Sound like something you could use in your life? If so, and if you are looking for a new path to greater wellness, we invite you to find inspiration in The Creative Spark.

Spark your path to Wellness

Spark your path to Wellness

Research shows that exercising your creativity muscles has a positive impact on your overall health and wellness. We invite you to try something new, stimulate your senses, explore artistic expression, laugh, challenge yourself and, perhaps most importantly, play for the sake of play. Who knows? Practicing creativity be the spark that ignites your wellness transformation.

Sessions will be held once a month and led by members of the Georgetown University community. Take a peek at some of the upcoming topics below, and don’t forget to check back here in September for a full list of programming for 2013.

This Moment  Sketching on Healy Lawn.
No drawing experience required, just a willingness to spend this time on the lawn and on the page. Take a leap and explore sketching as a means to connect with yourself, your surroundings and the present moment. Facilitated by Professor John Morrell.

The Masks We Wear  Mask Making as a means of self-exploration and excavation.
We all wear them, now we invite you to design one (or more) on purpose and in vivid color. All participants will be asked to bring (or provide in advance) a picture of their face. Inspired by the work and input of 2012 Artist of the Year, Susan Markara.

What’s Your Story?  Storytelling is an essential component of the human experience.
We use stories to define who we are in relation to the world and to other people. As we head into the holidays, join master Storyteller and Linguist, Professor Anna Trester, as we explore and share those stories that define this season of family, celebration and chaos. Bring an idea for a story…or an openness to discover one.

Improv 101  All the world’s a stage…and we’re just making it up as we go along.
Come learn some skills that will help you on the stage and in life. Unlock your inner thespian, take a risk and discove,r the laugh-out-loud joy of the present moment. Facilitated by Improv teacher and Georgetown University professor, Anna Trester.

Do you have an idea for a Creative Spark class or like to teach one? Drop us a line at

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