Financial Wellness 101: Saving

j0434131Everyone, and we mean everyone, has a reason to save money. Whether it’s for something special like an exotic vacation or extravagant Christmas for the little ones, or mundane like retirement, emergency fund or your first home, odds are you have something to save for. Regardless of your financial situation, finding money to save can be difficult. We are all adjusted to our own standards of living and readjusting to do more with less can be a trying task. The truth of the matter is, learning to save is one part financial savvy, two parts mindfulness. You need to be aware of where your money goes in order to determine where it doesn’t need to (see our post on budgeting for more on that topic). Take a look at the helpful resources below for tips on where and how to save.

Everyone knows that spending less equals saving more, but finding ways to cut down can quickly turn philosophical. Do you really need to go shopping? What value do the things you buy add to your life? Will X, Y or Z really make you happy? Every purchase doesn’t have to be an exercise in existentialism, but being mindful of your spending will help you cut back on frivolous purchases and may enrich your life in ways you hadn’t expected. Don’t believe us? Read more on the ways mindful spending has led regular, debt-saddled Americans to a happier, more financially stable life:

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