Walking: Meditation in Motion

Throughout the day, we stand on our two feet and we walk from one activity to the next.  We wake up and walk to the bathroom.   We walk to the kitchen.  We walk to our car, the bus stop, or metro station.  We walk to our office.  And we retrace our steps to return home.  Every day we are in motion.  This often mundane and unconscious daily activity holds a sweet opportunity for us: practice meditation in motion.  Our walking can become our daily meditation practice.

This morning, as you sit up in bed and place your feet on the ground, pause for a moment.  Look at your feet and FEEL them touch the ground.  Notice every little sensation – the coolness of air against the sole of your foot, how your toes may touch the floor first, then your whole foot touches the floor.  Notice the feel of the floor – is it soft? Hard? Warm? Cool?  Pause there, noticing the sensations in your feet.  (You could also add a little dose of gratitude!  Taking a breath into your belly and heart, exhaling out, say something like, “Today, I am grateful to be alive, to see the sun rising, to feel my feet on the ground.”)

Now it’s time to get up.  Slow it down and feel the sensations in your body as you put your weight into your feet and move to standing.  Once fully standing, pause again.  Take a beautiful breath, and exhale it out.  Notice how it feels to be standing.

Then, walk to the bathroom.  Slowly.  Lift one foot, feel the air against the sole of the raised foot, and slowly place it on the ground – noticing the pressure on the sole of the foot.  Feel how the weight is distributed between your feet.  Press that foot into the ground, notice the back foot lifting, rising, taking a step forward, and being placed on the ground.   Walk mindfully as you go into the bathroom.

When you are done bathing, walk to get dressed.  Notice the smallest of sensations.  And then walk to the kitchen mindfully.

As you walk to your car, bus stop or metro station, bring attention to the sensations in your body.  Notice the shifts in your breath, the sensation of breathing, the sensation of lifting, stepping, and pressing one foot after another onto this sweet earth.

This is how you can go about your day!  Meditation in motion. Notice how even just one minute of mindful walking can bring you back to feeling centered, rooted in what is most important, and “home” in your own heart and body.

Join us on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, at 1 p.m., for a Walking Meditation and get some bonus points for the GUWellness’s Walking Challenge!

Here is a great visual of one way to engage in walking meditation created by Mindful.org

This meditation was written by Lisa A. McCrohan, MA, LICSW, RYT, Wellness Counselor, FSAP and GUWellness

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