Week One’s Top Walkers

Week One of the Walking Challenge is all wrapped up. Everyone took advantage of the week’s lovely weather and scored some major points. We’d like to take a moment to recognize our top walkers for this week:

Top Team: Ghost of UFSH
Top Individual: Deena Loeffer
Walkers of the Week:  Randolph Pelzer – GPPI Wonky Walkers
Alexander Smith – Happy Feet
Kanchi Krisnamurthi – ICBI Walking Team
Marina Test – OSFS Wild Walkers
Tori Savage – Saints & Sinners
Zack Martin – SCS Strategy Strollers
Jennifer Long – SFS Dream Team
Tawanna Price – Ghost of UFSH
Mason Ingram – The Young and the Restless Leg Syndrome
Priscilla Rawlins – Treanor’s Trainers
Beth Chafin – Benefits


Check back each week to see who walked the most and how you’re matching up as the Challenge progresses. And don’t forget your friends and colleagues can join the Challenge at any time by registering here

Week One’s Walk with Charles attendees scored themselves a bonus point. Patty Scott and Charlie Pritzlaff also walked away with a raffle prize, a year of free fitness passes, courtesy of Yates Field House. Be sure to get your team together for this week’s Walk with Charles, Thursday at 12:30 pm in Healy Circle, for a chance to win great prizes, snag some bonus points, and celebrate our Walkers of the Week!

Check out pictures from this week below, and feel free to send any you’d like to share to wellness@georgetown.edu

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