Memories & Gratitude

Photo by flickr user dailyjoe

Lincoln Memorial photo by flickr user dailyjoe

May is the month for remembering.

We start with May Day dancing and weaving around a May Pole, then the Derby and Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day and, finally, Memorial Day.  These are the official memory days, but we also have our own memories. Perhaps we remember May processions or our graduations.

It’s not only a time of remembering but also a time of appreciation.

Sometimes we’re so busy taking advantage of all that we have, we forget to appreciate those who have provided us with life, care, this great nation, an education, with all sorts of opportunities. We take our families, our country, those who love us, for granted. We tend to forget that there are many who do not know where they will sleep tonight or whether they will have anything to eat tomorrow.

So, as you are remembering, let your spirit rise with each memory; with love and appreciation for a world that has been made, it seems, just for you!

 The Monthly Musing series is written by Fr. Francis Schemel, Chaplain to the Staff at Georgetown University. Dive deeper into his spiritual ponderings on his blog.

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