Mind-Body Connections


Want to go about your day feeling grounded, less stressed, and more connected to what matters most in your life?  This series of mindfulness-based workshops is designed to inspire, recharge, and provide you with practical tools you can use in your everyday living and working for a greater sense of well-being.

Sessions are held on Wednesdays each month from 1-2 PM in McShain Lounge (Small), unless otherwise noted. Please register online if you plan to attend.

Mind-Body Connections 2014-2015

We have a whole new line up is in store for 2014-2015 that will nourish and resource you.

To lead a soulful life in this culture of hurry, worry and busy, we have to first get focused.  We’ll start out the fall with the theme “Getting Focused.” We’ll explore practical practices that you can utilize in your everyday life to deal with distractions and focus on what really matters.

Once we have mindful practices in place that help us get focused, we’ll spend the winter months “Going Deeper.” Here we’ll delve into practices that get to the heart of soulful living that are about cultivating compassion, putting it into action, and reclaiming ritual in our everyday lives.

We’ll kick the spring off with “Staying Nourished” – habits we can put in place for holistic wellbeing and reclaiming joy in our everyday life that truly resource and sustain us.

Fall: Getting Focused
September 10: Ready, Set,…Pause! Priming the Mind to Focus

You have a busy schedule. There are hundreds of distractions in your day. How do you get focused? “Focus” has become the new challenge and skill to hone – in our professional and personal lives. This isn’t just about time management. This is about wiring your brain to deal with distractions with laser-like focus. This is about learning to pause, listen, and hone your mindfulness skills.

October 8: Getting Real, Getting Focused on What Matters

What really matters to you? We all get distracted by the “small stuff” and find ourselves off course when it comes to leading the life we are really meant to. This month, we’ll get real and learn mindfulness practices that get you focused on what is most important to you and your life. And we’ll talk about specific practices for embodying what is most important to you in your daily living, loving, and working.

November 12: Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Focused on Relationships

We can prepare for the holiday season by taking an inventory of our relationships: what relationships need to be nourished? Who do you need to focus on this holiday season? We’ll engage in a meditation to get clear about who matters most. And we’ll get specific about what you can do to focus, forgive, and deepen the relationships that matter most to you.

Winter: Going Deeper
December 10: A Time for Forgiveness

Maybe it’s time to practice forgiving yourself and possibly others.  Come for a gentle practice beginning with self-forgiveness.  Explore the power of turning inward with mindful attention and compassion.  Notice the sense of spaciousness that arises, preparing you to go into this holiday season with a clearer, more open heart.

January  14: New Years Rituals (not resolutions!) for Soulful Living

Rather than resolutions (we drop in a few days), this month we are focusing on rituals for soulful living – nourishing practices that honor the season of winter to “go within” and flow with the heart’s call for quiet, focus, and connection. We’ll offer practices and suggestions for bringing rituals into our daily lives that are based on mindfulness and compassionate meditation. Click here to register.

Eventbrite - Mind-Body Connections: Compassion in Action for Yourself and Dear OnesFebruary 11: Compassion in Action for Yourself and Dear Ones

This month, we’ll focus on learning to have compassion for ourselves and others through lovingkindness meditation and taking action to lead a more compassionate life in our everyday decisions, relationships, and loving. We’ll balance both ‘being’ and ‘doing’, contemplating and taking action. Get ready to step up your meditation practice at home with a sweet, short practice and weave “compassion in action” into your “to do” list.

Spring: Staying Nourished
Eventbrite - Mind-Body Connections: Seven Habits of Holistic Well-BeingMarch 11: Seven Habits of Holistic Well-being

Get ready to embrace spring with my seven habits of holistic well being. Learn simple but profound practices for nourishing you – body, mind, and soul – that you can weave into your daily life. Get ready for transformation!

Eventbrite - Mind-Body Connections: Reclaiming JoyApril 8: Reclaiming Joy

Our true nature is joy. Yet we can lose that sense of joy very easily in the ups and downs in our everyday lives: work gets demanding, relationships with dear ones are trying, and we find ourselves feeling bogged down and heavy (physically, emotionally). Come and learn ways to reclaim and choose that innate sense of joy so it permeates every part of your life – no matter the circumstances.

Eventbrite - Mind-Body Connections: Staying Focused & Nourished - The Power of Play & DelightMay 6: Staying Focused and Nourished: The Power of Play and Delight

The summer months offer us an opportunity to get out and play, rest and renew. This month we’ll explore ways of sustaining the new habits and practices you’ve started this year. We’ll focus on everyday practices that we can commit to that keep us light, focused, and inspired to live a delight-filled life. (*note: this is the 1st Wednesday of the month rather than the typical MBC schedule of the 2nd Wednesday.)

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The Mind-Body Connections series typically takes a break during the summer months. If you would like these sessions to continue throughout the year, let us know by sending an email to wellness@georgetown.edu.

Past Mind-Body Connections Topics

Yoga Movements at your Desk
Got tight muscles?  Sore neck?  Achy hips?  Learn simple movements that you can do at your desk to relieve tension.   No yoga experience required.  These are simple strategies that any “body” can do.  Be empowered to listen to your body, utilize the breath, and gently stretch tense areas.

Walking Meditation
Meet in Healy Circle promptly at 1 pm.  This one will take a bit over an hour.
Did you know we have a labyrinth near by?!  Georgetown Waterfront Park at the foot of 33rd Street has a beautiful labyrinth.  Come practice the art of “meditation in motion.”  Whether walking to the water cooler or up the stairs of your home, your steps can bring peace to your heart and the earth. Learn a simple way of walking with contentment that you can use in your daily living and working.

An Attitude of Gratitude
Start the holiday season off with a positive mindset and open heart.  Engage in a practice of being mindful of the good in our lives.  After this workshop, you will have the opportunity to take part in an online “gratitude group” for one month…and see how this impacts our mood and how we live our lives.

Feeling stuck?  Maybe it’s time to practice forgiving yourself and possibly others.  Come for a gentle practice beginning with self-forgiveness.  Explore the power of turning inward with mindful attention and compassion.  Notice the sense of spaciousness that arises, preparing you for the holiday season.

Cultivating Self-Compassion
We all can be pretty harsh with our own selves.  Everyone could use a dose of compassion.  Come learn practices for cultivating more kindness toward yourself that you can use in your everyday life.Explore how loving ourselves is the basis for loving others.

Loving-kindness Meditation
Come and learn a beautiful and simple loving-kindness meditation for deepening your sense of compassion for yourself and others…on Valentine’s Day.

Guided Imagery for Stress Reduction
Come discover a stillness within you as you systematically relax the body utilizing imagery. As you dwell in present moment awareness, the mind relaxes, the body releases tension, and the emotions soften.

Sound Sleep
Got sleep issues?  Come for strategies that aid in getting you to sleep better.  Learn how coupling these strategies with mindfulness can cultivate a calm nervous system over time, getting you to sleep soundly.

Breathe Better
Spring often finds us sneezing and wheezing.  This is a great time to cultivate a relationship with our breath and learn mindful breathing techniques for a sense of calm and vitality.